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OneSource IML has been providing custom manufacturing services for over two decades.  Our expertise in customized product services related to design, compliance, production, and delivery enables us to obtain high quality goods at lowest possible costs.  Our customers benefit from lower costs and a dedicated supply chain focused on the replenishment of their customized inventory.

Product Capabilities

  • A portfolio of hardware and accessories, custom designed to be a reliable part of every toolkit.

  • Trusted to be durable, practical and affordable by professionals and DIY'ers.

  • Ranked #1 on Amazon beating brands like DeWalt and Craftsman!

Jackson Palmer 2.22.23.png
fuzzball 2.24.23.png
  • Pet products designed with your best friend in mind.

  • Loved by fuzzballs from tiny kittens to large drooling Great Danes!

  • Stands out from competitors by prioritizing strict testing requirements.

  • Durable crowdsource designed duffel bag.  Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars.

  • Customer favorite for the gym, travel, school, sports and more!

  • Ranked #1 on Amazon, outperforming giants like Adidas and Nike.

FocusGear 3.1.23 a.png
rite in rain 3.1.23.png
rite in rain logo.png
  • Tough, dependable and fully customized mechanical pencils and pens.

  • Used by everyone from Pacific Northwest loggers during torrential downpours to DIY'ers in need of a reliable writing utensil.

  • A trusted sourcing partner for a brand that is over 100 years old!

osmosis logo copper.png
  • Supply a wide range of unique jars, tubes, and dispensers, specially tailored to high-end beauty and wellness brands.

  • Perfect for creams, powders, serums, fine mists and more!

  • Safe for use by brands with oncology friendly formulations and trusted by clients featured on SharkTank.

oasis 3.1.23.png
os liquor 3.2.23.png


  • Facilitate the creation and production of 100% customizable liquor bottles, unique corks, stoppers and beautiful intricate packaging.

  • From the local craft distiller to national brands, we manage the complexity of the entire supply chain.

  • Ensure an ethical and secure supply chain, along with FDA food safe product compliance.

amazon logo white yellow.png
  • Contracted by Amazon (and other large retailers) to produce and assemble uniquely shaped gift card tins, and cleverly designed gift card boxes.

  • From Cupcake shapes meant for birthdays to Soccer, Suitcase, Santa shapes to make every gift giving occasion special.

  • Manufactured and delivered millions of custom gift card boxes and tins over the years!

amazon gift card tin 3.2.23.png
thule 3.7.23.png
case logic logo 2.24.23.png
thule logo white.png
  • Trusted by these world renown brands to manufacture carry cases for electronics, GPS devices and soft-sided pet kennels.

  • Used by professionals to protect their high-end gear, adventurers and pets.

  • Providing exceptional quality and workmanship.

popsocket logo white.png

  • OneSource was the very first manufacturer for the world famous PopSockets phone grips! 

  • Used as ever-reliable phone grips, offering users tremendous amounts of empowering and expressive designs. 

  • PopSockets has sold hundreds of millions units, in over 70 countries!

popsocket 3.3.23 b.png
nine arches pieces.png
  • Produced and delivered 25,000 games for internationl launch!  Created to escape screens, break routines, and bring magical experiences to life.

  • Inspires players of all ages (13+) and abilities. Includes: quest cards, guidebook, dice, journal, tin box, four enamel collector pins + bandana.

  • Kickstarter success story - fully funded and sold out in 6 minutes.

swipe logo white.png
  • Exceptional quality precision-engineered stainless blade razors made in Korea.

  • Unique ergonomic flex-head handles with weighted core for ultimate control and close shave.

  • Extremely competitive pricing, out-performing well known brands!

SWIPE 2.23.23.png
boppy 3.29.23.png
boppy logo purple.png
boppy logo purple.png
  • Manufactured millions of Boppy nursing support covers and pillow sleeves!

  • Oversaw elaborate color patterns, highest level quality control, backed by expert third party testing to ensure product safety.

  • The #1 most recommended product for feeding support for the past 30 years.


  • Produce custom top-tier quality solid-wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Perfect for developers, builders, contractors and anyone with a minimum of 100 units per order.

  • Offering a single team that manages everything from initial layout and design to production, customs clearance, transportation, insurance, QC and logistics.

cabinet 2.27.23 b.png
cabinet 2.27.23 a.png



  • Manufacture quartz and granite countertops that have been pre-cut to exact specifications and are ready for for immediate installation.

  • Perfect for developers, builders, contractors and anyone with a minimum of 100 units per order.

  • Our millwork partner positions us to deliver a vertically integrated supply chain solution.

for wellness logo white.png
  • Manufacture food safe products for Phil Mickelson and Dave Phillips' performance coffee supplement brand.

  • Consumed by athletes, coffee enthusiasts, and wellness conscious individuals.

  • Provide EDI, storage and fulfillment services to ship 9,000 packages a month direct to consumers.

cfw A 2.24.23.png
gates a 2.24.23.png
gates logo.png
gates logo.png
  • Make a variety of automotive industry supplies - from digital calipers, tension testers and store display boards.

  • Utilized by auto retail shops nationwide.

  • A trusted, reliable and successful relationship spanning over two decades.

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